An FTC Babe – FGCU Cheerleader

Our latest FTC Babe is FGCU Cheerleader Ashley O’Brien.  Learn about her below and check out her photos!

22 years old. My birthday is December 16th.

Fort Myers, Florida. I go to school at Florida Gulf Coast University.

About Me:
I am an Athletic Training Major with a minor in Sports Journalism.  I love to work out, I do crossfit! I love outdoor activities. Love going to hockey and football games. I love to travel and experience new things. I was a gymnast for 14 years, reaching to level 10 traveling the nation and I have cheered all four years in college so it is my passion.  Family is everything too me! All I do is done for the Glory of God! Huge supporter of the men fighting for our country!

My Favorite Pro Team:
Detroit Redwings. I hope to one day be an Athletic Trainer for them.

My Favorite College Team:
UCF KNIGHTS (Football), I went to Highschool in Orlando so I have friends on the team which means they get all my support! Shout out to #38 Jordan Ozerities and #31 Sean Maag.

Follow Me:
Twitter – alobreeezy (with three E’s)
Instagram – alobreezy (only with two E’s)
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