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Bears; Hard KnocksA recent rule change in the NFL has put the Chicago Bears on a list of one of 8 teams that could be forced to participate on the HBO reality show: Hard Knocks. Jay Cutler is one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL today and of the teams involved, I do believe that this Bears team would be fun to see on a weekly basis.  However, I’m not writing to talk just about them, but to discuss the current team and imagining the 85 team as a Hard Knock possibility, if only the show existed.

Lets start with the most polarizing figures of each of the teams.  Currently the Bears are led by Jay Cutler, who is loved/hated almost equally. He’s fresh off a major pay raise and will have extremely high expectations coming into this season. If he doesn’t appear to take that leadership role on a show like this, more fans might to fall off the bandwagon. However, he could also gain numerous fans trust with the show as well. A good number of Bear fans already fully trust and love Jay Cutler, while a handful of others are still waiting to earn that trust. His role on this show could go a long way in attaining that. That being said, the 1985 team fielded the Punky QB Jim McMahon, one of the biggest characters the NFL had ever seen to that point. Anytime Commissioner Rozelle tried putting a rule in place, McMahon was sure to break it and flaunt that fact in front of the world. McMahon surely would have been a treat to watch just in his meetings with Coach Mike Ditka. If only this show was founded 20 years sooner.

Other figures we would enjoy seeing currently would include Martellus Bennett.  Here is a man who claims his favorite animal is an ele-goat and that he only reads the left sides of books and leaves the right pages to his imagination. Brandon Marshall, while being much better behave in his time in Chicago, is still known for giving good quotes and would certainly be good for TV. Alshon Jeffrey fresh off a career year where he showed he should be considered with the best in the game, would be sure to come in with supreme confidence, maybe even a bit cocky. Kyle Long, known for being very involved with the fans on Twitter would be another to watch.  The 2nd year player out of Oregon has had a rough road early on in his adult life. Even though it appears to be straightened all out, there’s no reason to think there wouldn’t be some sort of fireworks at some point. The Bears kicker Robbie Gould is certainly not afraid to speak his mind either. Fresh off a new contract that ensures his families opportunity to eat, he would certainly leave his mark on a show such as this.  The coaches on the other hand, would not compare to those of the ’85 Bears.

Quite possibly the best part of a show involving the 1985 Bears would be the coaching staff.  Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan were so great together, yet despised working with each other. Both of the coaches had fiery temperaments and would be sure to explode on the screen. Not to mention, the arguments we would get to see within the team meetings. The amount of personalities on this team is unrivaled to any other. I already spoke of McMahon, but one of the biggest pranksters of all time was the late great Walter Payton. Payton would have been in the spotlight with his lighthearted pranks and outgoing personality. Willie Gault was a world-class track star, hell, he still is. The speed that Gault possessed made him one of the cockiest receivers of his time, even though the talent nowhere near matched. The defensive side of the ball was led by Coach Buddy Ryan. The characters on that side of the ball were endless. Steve “Mongo” McMichael has written a book about his time in Bears training camps. Dan Hampton was McMichaels partner in crime and certainly didn’t shy away from trouble at the time. Otis Wilson, Wilbur Marshall, Mike Singletary, Mike Richardson, Gary Fencik and the list could go on and on.

There will never be another team like the ’85 Bears, the NFL wont allow that much personality anymore. This current Bears team would certainly be great to see as there are as many storylines and personalities as any other team in the NFL. It’s just a shame that this great show wasn’t around 30 years ago to see inside camp in Platteville, Wisconsin.

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Author: Jason Thomas

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  • Detroit Lean

    There is no way I could look at Jay Cutler’s face or listen to him for that long. I pray that they aren’t on the show this year.

  • Detroit Lean

    Good article though