Six or Seven Scintillating Sports Tidbits a Week After the Super Blowout

020814_smart-shove_6001. Don’t Believe the Score

Seattle destroyed Denver; if you are unaware of this I question why you are reading a sports blog. (But not you mom!) I am in the minority of people, but I do not believe Seattle was significantly better than Denver. There were two key moments that ended the game:

a. The poor snap and subsequent safety rattled Payton. He was focused and ready to play with a game plan in place. The safety interrupted his routine just like the crowd in Indy interrupted his routine. Payton started questioning their game plan as soon as he hit the sideline.

b. The hard hit by Kam Chancellor gave the Denver receivers a case of the alligator arms. While such hits are devastating, they are also risky. If he misses, the Demaryious Thomas gets extended yards and now the defense become cautious.  The Broncos attempted a similar hit later in the game and it resulted in a big gain for Seattle.


Unlike the other major sports, football playoffs are one and done. Plenty of teams in the other leagues have won championships while getting spanked in one of their losses. Seattle lost to Indy and barely beat Houston and Tampa Bay, Denver destroyed Phily and beat KC twice; are we assuming the bad breaks would happen every game? This was the worst case scenario for Denver, play one hundred times on a neutral field and I think it is 55-45 at most.

2. Marcus Smart Shoves a Fan

It will never be considered one of his better moves. Near the end of Saturday night’s game versus Texas Tech, Marcus smart tried for a block with six seconds left. He fell into the stands and was helped up by one of the spectators. It looked like he was returning to the court when he raced back up the stairs and shoved an older guy. He was then pulled back to the court by teammates. I am siding with Reggie Miller on this one, “You pay a lot of money for those seats. Ok you are going to be part of the game now.” Professional or amateur, athletes are not pawns for our entertainment. They are people and they should be treated like people. If you are going to chirp and mouth off, players should be allowed to respond. If they are not allowed to respond, security needs to become beefed up and offensive violators need to be removed. I pay money to watch a movie but I don’t have the right to scream obscenities at the screen so why should sport fans. If the statement was a racial slur like sites are reporting, I want the jackass sitting next to Spike Lee and his entourage for the rest of his sport watching days.

3. Suspicions in Sochi

I’m sure you have seen the tweets and stories. @sochifails has a lot of great pictures and scary stories. My big question is where was the fifty one billion spent. I feel a lot of people have had a few free drinks of vodka on the IOC over the last couple of years. They are even short on pillows. My favorite might be the common toilet rooms; it might catch on. Maybe they could have distinctions like #1 toilet room and #2 toilet room; sorry, potty humour.

4. This Week in Carteritis

Thank you Derrick Williams!



5. Charles Barkley and Jonas Vas-So-Ee-Na-Wan-Sauce

During the draft for the Rookie/Sophomore game, Sir Charles did not quite get the pronunciation of Jonas Valanciunas correct. I expect him to refer to him as JV in the future. He did throw some love out to the city of Toronto so I have to give him props. In all fairness, I think we all took a while to get the name right. Barkley is a solid announcer who brings a lot of comic relief and player insight to the telecast. I would hardly hold this one against him. If you feel you are higher and mightier, get this name right;  Šarūnas “Šaras” Jasikevičius.

6. Still Not a Sport: Figure Skating Competition

We might have a judging controversy in figure skating again. Apparently, the Americans and the Russians have a deal in place that would screw over the Canadians. So if the judging can be decided and the skaters have no chance before it even begins, not a sport.

*Raptor Watch*

Raptors finished their latest road trip 2-3. They played two of the top four teams in the Western Conference; an above average home team in Denver; a hyped up Sacramento team, thanks to the Rudy Gay vs old team scenario; and a must win against Utah. That put us at .400 for a Western road trip. Last year’s team finished .415 for the year and was 12-18 against the western conference, including home games. Sure it would have been nice to finish 3-2 or higher, but it cannot be considered a setback. The rest of February is against the East and they will have to put up some wins to maintain their position, but I did like the comment that expecting any team to win all their games against lesser opponents is not realistic. The Raptors continue to compete and compete hard, keep enjoying them.


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I teach, coach, and love my wife. Yes, I'm aware there are several interpretations to that first sentence.

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Sports nut with lots of opinions and no where to put them... until now! I teach, coach, and love my wife. Yes, I'm aware there are several interpretations to that first sentence.

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