Olympic Overflow on a Super Sunday

1. Canada Wins Olympic Hockey Gold

It was a double shot of gold for the Canadian Puckheads, and me, in Sochi. Both teams had their biggest challenges against the USA and I have developed some new respect, and maybe some sympathy, for my neighbours to the south.

Thursday’s women’s gold medal game looked like it was over as the US lead 2-0 with less than five minutes left. We got one goal and the commentator thought they would do their best John Madden with, “Canada just came a lot closer to tying up this game.” Thanks… Then, as Canada pressed for the tie, the puck was sent along the boards, the referee interfered with the Canadian defense, and the puck cleared the zone. The American player dumped it the length of the ice and it hit the goal post; once centimetre to the right and it goes in, and the USA wins the gold. Canada recovers the puck and scores to send the game into overtime where they would win.

On Friday, the men got out the defense and decided no one would score against them for the rest of the tournament. It was a great game and it had a great outcome. The US losing the bronze medal demonstrates the difference in Western and European philosophy of finishing first. The US was the better team but it could not get up for the game while Finland was more than happy to win a medal. In an anticlimactic Sunday morning final, Canadians got up early, Canada went up early, they got a couple of insurance goals, and won the gold; this capped a very proud two weeks for us Canucks.

Note: Dear Americans, you get to keep Bieber too!

2. A Mid-Seasons Trade Deadline or Much Ado About Nothing

The trade deadline had promise with thoughts of moving Rondo or Pau or Love and we got nothing. There were a couple of decent players moved but for all the generated excitement, we were left wanting more. Maybe we need the dunk wheel turned into the trade wheel.

3. Chris Bosh: What will He Do?

Everyone is talking about Lebron opting out of his contract and going elsewhere. Maybe ESPN will give him another hour long decision show.  Bosh is not getting the same love but he has the same option.  If Miami falls apart in the spring, maybe he opts out to chase a ring somewhere else. Maybe Bosh wants to be the man again. Dallas would be a good place as would Houston, but my beloved Raptors…

4. Jason Collins Signs with Nets

He is the first openly gay player to play for one of the four major professional North American Leagues. I’m not actually sure if it is that big of an idea anymore. He is a pioneer but society has changed. Being gay has become accepted by most. Maybe you might have the odd person who doesn’t understand that a gay player is not going to aggressively pursue a straight player. The WNBA has been dealing with this since their inception. Rookie Brittney Griner and Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes never hid from their homosexuality, and you cannot forget tennis greats Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova. We need to learn from the ladies on this one. Collins will hear the knuckleheads talking smack, but he will be supported by the ones who matter.

5. Syracuse Loses Twice

The Orange were undefeated in NCAA basketball going into this week. Then they gave up a stinker to Boston College on Thursday and were robbed of a game last night in Duke. Jim Boeheim became irate because of a horrible charge call. Ironically, the NCAA put rules in place to make it harder to take charges this year, but this is Duke and they get the calls. He was tossed and a great game was left with a horrible ending.

6. Head to Head Does Not Go to the Winner

On another note, if team A and Team B are 11-1 and team A beat team B. Tradition says to go with the head to head match-up so A is ranked higher but I disagree. Team B had a very impressive loss; meanwhile the Team A could have loss to a 6-5 team or even a 1-10 team. Doesn’t it make team B the better team?

7. Olympic Spirit

I was fearful when the Olympics began. I just wanted them to be over and the athletes to be safe. Turns out I was so wrong. Outside of the #sochifails and wolves wandering the dorms, it ended fantastically well. No international disasters or terroristic activity, the Russians even proved they could laugh at themselves at the closing ceremonies. Sure there were judging controversies in figure skating but those seem to surface every Olympics. I am still looking forward to all the athletes getting home safely and the budget report where the 51 Billion actually went, but you have to consider these Olympics a success. The Olympics have a good vibe about them that is hard to shake. They often demonstrate the best we have to physically offer with the best spirit we have to offer. Makes my Heart all warm and fuzzy, I’ve lost a couple of tears this week.

Raptors Watch

31-25 and rolling; I think they need 44 wins guarantee them the Atlantic division. Brooklyn would need to go 19-10 to get to 44 – 38. Of course we want the third seed and it is within their grasp. Lowry is with us for the rest of the year and I think it will be a fun ride. I am back in 2006-07 mode where I watch of every game. I also love interacting with the Raptor’s announcing staff on twitter each game. It really enhances the viewing experience.


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I teach, coach, and love my wife. Yes, I'm aware there are several interpretations to that first sentence.

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Sports nut with lots of opinions and no where to put them... until now! I teach, coach, and love my wife. Yes, I'm aware there are several interpretations to that first sentence.

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