Farewell, Doug McDermott

Father and son Greg and Doug McDermott hug following Creighton’s stinging loss to Baylor. (David J. Phillip/Associated Press)

One of the greatest scorers in NCAA history played his final college game Sunday night.

As the game drew to a close, head coach Greg McDermott pulled his son in for their final moment together as Bluejays – a hug.

Doug McDermott’s historical college career came to a bitter end yesterday, as the Baylor Bears trounced Creighton by a score of 85-55. Although it was a devastating loss for the Bluejays, McDermott isn’t focusing too much on the defeat.

“This is the worst we’ve played all season, and it just stinks that it’s the last one. But that doesn’t take away from all my memories here. It’s tough to go out this way,” he said.

Creighton fans back in Omaha sure will miss the sight of the scoring threat out on the CenturyLink Center court, who finished with an astonishing 3,150 points, fifth most in NCAA history. While the fans may have a tough time with McDermott’s departure, his father will surely miss him the most.

“We’ve built so many relationships off the floor, basically all family. We have so much fun traveling, in the hotels, on the planes, on the buses. Just so many memories that we’ll never forget. Playing for my dad, it doesn’t get much better than that. You know, I’m just so blessed to be here. So glad I came back another year for college basketball. I just think it’s the best experience of my life, and I hope more kids do what I did.”

McDermott’s legacy was a great one, but his final game sure wasn’t pretty.

Baylor shut down Creighton’s offense, holding the Bluejays to a meager 40% shooting percentage. They also managed to slow down the game’s best scorer, as McDermott ended the game with just 15 points.

“We did a good job making it tough on him,” Baylor head coach Scott Drew said.

McDermott recorded only three points in the first half, allowing Baylor to take a commanding lead and run away with the game. The Bears erased any hopes of a Creighton comeback, taking control of the game early and expanding their lead more and more as the game proceeded.

All five of Baylor’s starters finished the game with double-digit points, as four of their starting five combined for more points than the entire Creighton squad.

Center Isaiah Austin and guard Brady Heslip were Baylor’s main contributors on offense, scoring 17 points each. Cory Jefferson and Kenny Chery were also key factors in the win, as both seniors finished the game with 14 points.

While many would jump to the conclusion that McDermott walked off the court sadly due to the team’s poor performance, the loss was only a small reason for him to frown.

“I wasn’t even thinking about the game at that point. I was just thinking … this would be the last time I’ll be able to walk off the floor and give my dad a hug.”

Although the final chapter of McDermott’s college campaign ended with heartbreak, his story isn’t a sad one. College basketball fans across the country will remember his legacy as a Creighton Bluejay, and will gladly watch as the next stage of his book is written.


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